Why Businesses Should Use Luxury Carrier Bags for Promotions?

There are many ways of promoting brand and business for making them reach a larger audience. One way is designing of customized luxury carrier bags or totes. Business doesn’t only mean making profits but also mean satisfying the customers. Tote bags act as brand building mechanisms as well as promotions by serving as gifts to the customers.

You can order promotional shopping totes in bulk at Custom Earth Promos as they give you full control of choosing the brand’s image and logo. They have various sets of budgets dealing in recycled bags with extra pockets just the way you like it. You can add features to your design and the experts will help you out fully.

Tote bags are recyclable and reusable acting as better options to plastic bags. It captures the minds of audiences by arousing their interests. Some of the steps of designing the perfect carrier bags are listed as under –

  • Choosing a style of bag

Your business determines the bag that works best for your customers. When starting first, keep your order simple and minimal by beginning with a simple bag style. If you have a wine shop, use reusable wine bags having requirements for keeping 1,2,3,4 or 6 bottles at the same time.

  • Choosing the materials

The first thing you should keep in mind is the material used for making these custom bags. You can prefer cotton or canvas bags for giving the best to your customers. The materials must be sturdy, strong, and eco friendly unbleached cotton.

Bags can be made from post-consumer plastics from gathering old plastic bottles. If you are running a wholesale shop, wholesale insulated bags are the correct choice.

  • Deciding on the logo

Next is choosing the right logo for your custom bags. It depends on the shape and size of the bags as well. Keep a stylish business name running and for grocery bags, keep the bags longer and wider. Choose a neutral bag background like unbleached canvas or black. If you are keeping colored background bags, then logos can be white or navy blue.

  • Selecting colors

Take time in selecting the colors for custom bags of your choice. The colors must match with the theme of your business for creating greater appeal on the audience. If you have a brand palette ready, then things will become easy for you. Customize the colors depending on the logos that are made in the custom bags.

  • Ordering the right volume

Ordering of the right volume for the custom bags is also a crucial decision. It might take a few weeks for you to check the rate at which the bags are being sold. Buy enough bags so that it will not run out. The goal is giving flexibility and buying in bulk is the best option to do it.


If you want to learn more about creating grocery bags, then you can search online for the best websites that make custom bags.