Optical Strain Solved By Technological Advances

Technology is making its way into nearly every aspect of our modern lives. There are the most obvious and constantly used examples such as smart phones, tablets and other smart devices that keep us connected and working efficiently. Technology is also working its way into our homes to make us more environmentally friendly and effective in our day to day activities. Smart thermostats help regulate the temperature within our homes. This can be controlled by a preset or from our smart devices. We no longer need to worry about how hot or cold it will be in our home while we are away. There are also smart phone applications that allow us to tap into our electricity and control appliances and lights while we are away. If we know we will be gone into the evening hours we can control our lights from our phone.

Appliances are also beginning to utilize technology. Energy saving appliances are the most common type found in homes. These cut back on energy usage and create long term savings on our electric and utility bills. Refrigerators now come with touch screen technology where we can write our shopping lists and notes on the smart screen. If we forget a shopping list we can log into an account on our phone or tablet and view our virtual list that we wrote on the refrigerator. Toilets, small kitchen appliances and even home privacy shades are all operated by the click of a mouse or touch of a finger. These are all astounding and efficient technological advances within our homes. Technology has also reached further into our lives to impact the things we wear and accessorize ourselves with.

Smart technology has encompassed the lens industry. Sunglasses and prescription glasses are now created with eyeglass technology. This technology has created lenses that are able to filter out the blue light that causes digital eye strain. These lenses also drastically eliminate glare. Many people suffer from digital eye strain. The most common side effects to this condition include dry eyes, headaches, watery eyes, blurred vision and tired eyes. Instead of reaching for a bottle of eye drops to soothe our aching eyes we can try to rectify the problem by embracing the technology that is changing the way we wear glasses. If you suffer from eye strain you can contact your eye doctor and discuss blue light reducing lenses. Felix Gray is a popular line of glasses that are designed to reduce eye strain.

Many eye doctors are able to order this and other lines with the same lens technology into their offices. Before you are prescribed these glasses, your eye care doctor will want to run a standard vision test on you. This will determine if you are truly suffering from eye strain caused by the over use of digital screens or if you have a different underlying optical concern that needs to be addressed. The exam is simple and within a few hours of wearing your digital eye strain reducing glasses you should begin feeling less tension and optical fatigue.