How to make your first DJ gig, a success gig?

So you are on your road to become a successful DJ and you just got a first gig. Getting nervous? Well that’s just natural. So are you looking forward to your first show? Ready to kill the beat and put fire in the tracks?

But not sure how you are going to take it well?

Well here we are to tell you how to plan at your level best to become one successful DJ. Here is a list of tips and things to follow that is definitely going to give you an edge in your performance and that will for sure make you a successful DJ.

Take your time

The best thing to do before you do any kind of thing, other than DJing as well, is to plan ahead of time. so when you have got your first gig, plan ahead of it and plan literally everything.

Use the tools you’re familiar with

This is something very important, since it is your first gig, there are several chances that you might lose confidence or you might not be able to keep things in control as well. so it would be better to take the DJ gear that you are using already and that you are familiar with.

Play to the crowd

To get out of your nervousness and to build your confidence, practice in front of crowd. The real people, take their requests and play like a pro. This will give you a real experience of what the DJing is and how you can do it at your level best.

Never leave home without a plan B

What you have practiced to and what you are looking forward to, can seriously go wrong even if everything is working perfectly. So do have a plan B in hand if the things get out of control, how you are going to work in there.

Show up early

It always proves helpful as you can avail the extra time to ensure that everything is in place and that you are ready for the beat.

Promote the gig

Make sure you have recorded yourself with the tuning, mixing and mashing well and that the video is something that can be used to promote yourself via the website and social media. This first gig of yours can prove as a first step on the road of success, so plan it really very well. Visit fractal beat for help.